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    cubing volumes with concrete and corten…

    Yerger Residence by Chen + Suchart Studio [(www.contemporist.com)]

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    within nature…

    Martis Camp 506 by Blaze Makoid Architecture [(www.contemporist.com)]

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    Living in a shipping container

    Okay, it’s not so easy to control the moisture balance well when it rains, it makes a terrible noise when it is raining and when it is hot it is really bloody hot.

    But, for a few thousand dollars you have a shipping container. And for another few thousand dollars you can live in it. If you want to do something more with the shipping container and have some more money you can make it a true palace.

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    Detached House with Showroom Designer - Ao Architekten

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    Silver House, South Wales by Hyde & Hyde Architects.

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    Anako’ - Architects own house, Valais 2006. Photos (C) Thomas Jantscher

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    Dutch Mountain

    Architects denieuwegeneratie designed a house in the Dutch hillside with sustainability in mind - from ‘hardware’ - the materials used and its structural composition to its ‘software’ - lighting, solar panels and other interesting features.

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    black s house ~ hammerschmid pachl seebacher

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